nikitin material

nikitin ABC dice, N7

nikitin ABC dice, N7Children want to read and write. With the ABC dices they are able to order some pictures, sounds, letters easily. So the children will learn the ABC step by step. Examples of use: the 27 colourful ... more details

nikitin bricks, N4

nikitin bricks, N4Spatialising imagination, perception and creativity are easily trained by nikitin bricks. Examples of use: You start with a construction plan till the edifice construction. The game consists of 8 b ... more details

nikitin geo-dice, N5

nikitin geo-dice, N5The geo-dices are the ideal material of concentration, a patient game in which the spatialising imagination of children and adults would be demanded and promoted. Application examples: 27 wooden di ... more details

nikitin logical rows, N8

nikitin logical rows, N8Colour and form differentation, perception, concentration, retentiveness are trained. Examples of application: the 24 multi-coloured printed wooden dices should be combined with simple till sophistic ... more details

nikitin material, the book, an educational model

nikitin material, the book, an educational modelIn this book Boris and Lena Nikitin, pedagogists from Moscow and parents of 7 children describe the model of an early childlike education. Do you want your child to be watchful, gifted? The aim of ... more details

nikitin N10, Matrici

nikitin N10, MatriciMatrici is an excellent concentration training; While playing combination and reflexion skills are trained. Examples of application: Matrici contains 12 gambles. Each gamble consists of 1 playing g ... more details

nikitin numeric towers N6

nikitin numeric towers N6Playfully without any help the children might discover the world of numbers, amounts and values Example of use: The children are able to chat quickly the numbers from 1 to 20. But do they know what t ... more details

nikitin pattern dice N1

nikitin pattern dice N1Children need support, especially in perception, concentration, creativity. With these 16 dices, made of wood, with 8 various coloured areas the realising of colours and forms, the power of deduction ... more details

nikitin single/uni dice N2

nikitin single/uni  dice N2Spatialising imagination, realising of colours and forms are the basis of our perception. With the multi-coloured wooden dices the perception and the ability of concentration are playfully supported. ... more details

nikitin squares

nikitin squaresThe children easily might experience geometric fundamental skills and develop any sense for forms. Moreover, they train combination skills with the nikitin squares, perception, concentration and pati ... more details

nikitin, creativo, N9

nikitin, creativo, N9This is the communicative nikitin game. Notions are illustrated on 160 cards, built with wooden bricks, pantomimically realised, drawn or prescribed. One player presents the notion while the other pla ... more details

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